CRTF Business Cards Designed by Santos Graphic DesignHumble, TX - November 3, 2015 - Santos Graphic design was tasked to design a business card for Community Response Task Force. Five designs were created, and one was chosen. The design features the logo on the left on a white background, with the information on the right on a black background.

About Community Response Task Force

The misson of the Community Response Task Force is:

  • To provide a continuing platform to facilitate collaboration between partners with the desire or duty to provide services/relief to disaster victims.
  • To provide information to members regarding State/Local assistance or support for provision of disaster relief.
  • To act as an information and guidance resource for disaster victims through the groups membership.
  • To develop planning, human and material resources to reasonably prepare to provide basic short term refuge and long term sheltering for persons displaced by natural or manmade disasters.
  • To develop planning, human and material resources to reasonably prepare to provide basic support to persons in need of assistance as a result of natural or manmade disasters.
  • To educate area residents on prudent measures they can utilize to minimize the risks associated with man-made or natural disasters.
  • To assist in coordinating disaster donation management.
  • To promote mitigation efforts that would reduce the need for sheltering.

About Santos Graphic Design

Since being established in 2014, Santos Graphic Design has been providing graphic design services that include designs for logos, business cards, brochures and postcards. An important goal of Santos Graphic Design is to provide graphic design solutions along with unparalleled customer support. The combination of services, pricing, and friendly way of conducting business are unique in today's business world.


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