Santos Graphic Design Provides Artwork for ControlExpert in Colombia

Santos Graphic Design Provides Artwork for ControlExpert in Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia – August 9, 2016 – Santos Graphic Design was hired to create artwork to decorate the office for the German company, ControlExpert. The designs were installed in Bogotá, Colombia where Control Expert has recently established an office. The designs include a full-sized map with offices around the world, a decorative design for the glass wall and door, a large image of a cityscape, and an image of the offices in Germany. The installation was provided by another local company, but Santos Graphic Design worked with the manager, Carolina Borrás, in order to create the artwork.

Please visit the ControlExpert website.

About Control Expert

It all started in 2002. This was the year Control€xpert was founded. By people with gasoline running through their veins and one idea in mind: making claims and maintenance management easier, faster, and more efficient for all parties involved. Their tools were a commitment to innovation, automotive expertise – and, above all, the courage and determination to completely rethink and redesign things.

Our intention is to link up all the parties involved in the claims and maintenance process and establish an electronic, data-supported communication standard. We develop multifaceted products and services for insurance companies, fleet operators, leasing firms, repair shops, car dealerships, automotive manufacturers, and motor vehicle experts. With our communication platform PostMaster®, we place our clients and partners in the position of being able to communicate electronically with one another on the basis of structured data. We ensure fast, automated processes and a high degree of transparency.

We rethink established standards. Only through pioneering innovations can existing processes be significantly improved and markets changed. It’s not by chance that our motto is “Redefining Rules.”

We also shape new markets abroad. The knowledge we have gained through our market leadership in Germany – put into practice and proven in methods and processes a million times over – has also been successfully transferred to our international business. We are now represented in 13 countries on 4 continents, where we also combine our automotive expertise with innovative IT solutions.

About Santos Graphic Design

Since being established in 2014, Santos Graphic Design has been providing graphic design services that include designs for logos, business cards, brochures and postcards. An important goal of Santos Graphic Design is to provide graphic design solutions along with unparalleled customer support. The combination of services, pricing, and friendly way of conducting business are unique in today’s business world.


Angela Maria Santos